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Riviera Surgery LLP Employment Information

Riviera Surgery is committed to providing an excellent experience for its employees. We aim to reward our employees for professionalism, hard work and commitment to our company aims. We as an employer observe employment law and have policies and processes in place to address issues of health and safety, equality and any grievance issues in the unlikely event of this occurring.

Equal Opportunities


Riviera Surgery LLP is an organisation commitment to equal opportunities and non-discriminatory procedures and practices.

Our policy confirms to the Equality Act 2010 and covers, age, sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and pregnancy/maternity.

All Riviera Surgery LLP employees are expected to respect and act in accordance with this policy and any bullying or harassment in the workplace is totally unacceptable and subject to action.

equality of opportunity exists for all job applicants, prospective employees and current workers.

This policy clearly defines and explains the difference between key terms such bullying (use of force, coercion, or threat, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. The behavior is often repeated and habitual), harassment (discrimination by the way someone behaves towards an individual) and victimisation (the action of singling someone out for cruel or unjust treatment) so that there is no confusion about these terms.

We have a procedure within our organisation to deal with complaints regarding discrimination, bullying and victimisation. Include a link to a detailed, step by step grievance procedure that features the name and contact details of the manager or director who has overall responsibility for this policy.

Employees will be aware that an equal opportunities policy exists on this website and be shown how to use it, the policy will be regularly updated and communicated so no employee can use the excuse of ignorance.

Health and Safety Policy-Staff

 1. The General Statement 

Riviera Surgery LLP is committed to ensuring, by all reasonable practicable means, the health, safety and welfare of our staff, affected by our activities is important and accept that we are accountable for aspects of health and safety in combination with the NHS Trusts or Private Healthcare Provider we contract for. We have full public and employer liability insurance.

A successful safety policy depends on the full commitment and cooperation of all Riviera Surgery LLP staff and making sure staff are up to date with their mandatory training in the healthcare organisation they currently work in.

We believe that this commitment can best be delivered through the following policy towards safety:  ensuring that Riviera Surgery LLP's legal duties, statutory obligations, policies and procedures are complied with at all times; using a risk assessment process to

- minimise personal injury,

- minimise ill health,

- fire or damage to property;  

- creating an environment which encourages staff to identify and prevent unsafe practice

- checking staff have evidence of sufficient training, instruction, information and supervision to develop and encourage safety awareness through the processes that allow them to work within the NHS or other independent providers.

- maintaining an incident reporting system and investigating all health and safety accidents and “near misses” in conjunction with Line Managers and policies within the NHS Trust or Private Healthcare Provider that Riviera Surgery LLP is contracted to work.

. Alcohol and/or drug misuse

Consuming alcohol during working hours, and working while intoxicated will be considered gross misconduct in terms of the Standards expected (see employment policy).

Performance and Attendance Policy; 

Alcohol and/or drug misuse may be treated as an illness when health, occupational, domestic or social problems occur. If you suffer such an illness, Riviera Surgery LLP will treat you fairly, and in confidence, and you will be encouraged to seek appropriate external professional assistance.

Riviera Surgery LLP recognises the potential dangers of work-related stress, and seeks to offer support should you suffer from stress. Should you suffer work-related stress please discuss this matter with your line manager . Depending on the severity of the stress, your line manager may need to consider reducing workloads, a change of job role or assignment nature.

Employees are encouraged to report, in confidence, any concerns about colleagues to their line manager or to HR so that any problems can be addressed and if possible prevented


Riviera Surgery LLP is committed to using audit results to improve its health and safety arrangements; and this policy will be reviewed following any significant organisational change at Riviera Surgery LLP and at least annually. This information is for guidance only and does not form part of your contract of employment. 

Employment Relationship with Riviera Surgery LLP



1. Policy Statement

2. Scope

3. Purpose

4. What is a Casual/Relief employee?

5. Why will Casual/Relief contracts be used?

6. Responsibilities

7. Remuneration

8. Annual Leave

9. Sickness Entitlement

10. Continuous employment

11. Termination of Casual/Relief contracts

12. Policy Monitoring


1. Policy Statement

1.1. Riviera Surgery LLP will employ staff on a casual/relief basis with no hours of work guaranteed. Such employees will be used only if there is a specific business need to do so.

2. Scope

2.1. This policy applies to all casual employees of Riviera Surgery LLP.

3. Purpose

3.1. This policy enables individuals who are unable to commit to fixed or regular hours to undertake working arrangements which suit their personal circumstances and provides Riviera Surgery LLP with an employment resource in order to react to organisational demands.

3.2. This policy defines the relationship between Riviera Surgery LLP and the individual and details the responsibilities of both parties upon entering into this contractual relationship.

3.3. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that there is an equitable and harmonised process in place to employ casual/relief staff.

4. What is a Casual/Relief employee?

4.1. Casual/Relief contract means there is no obligation for employers to offer work, or for employees to accept it.

 4.2. A Casual/Relief contract will give employment status for the duration of the assigned activity i.e. theatre, clinic or endoscopy.

4.3. Casual/Relief staff have the same employment rights as regular employees, although they may have breaks in their contracts, which affect rights that accrue over time.

4.4 To remain employed by Riviera Surgery LLP, employees must be simultaneously employed by the NHS or a recognised Private Healthcare provider.

5. When should Casual/Relief contracts used?

5.1. Casual/Relief contracts will be used to provide a flexible workforce to meet a temporary or changeable need for staff according to operational demand on Riviera Surgery LLP.

6. Responsibilities

6.1. Manager:  It is not appropriate for managers to employ Casual/Relief employees on a continual basis.

- Managers will regularly review Casual/Relief contracts to ensure they remain appropriate. In addition to this managers will undertake an annual review in conjunction with Human Resources & Organisational Development.

- Managers will administer the application of this policy fairly for all casual/relief employees in their department.

- Managers will ensure that they comply with the normal recruitment and advertising protocols when recruiting for casual/relief employees. The appropriate pre-recruitment checks will be undertaken for all newly appointed casual/relief employees e.g. DBS, Occupational Health clearance etc.

- Managers will ensure that all casual/relief employees receive the same induction and training as other employees and make them aware of the Company’s policy and Trust policy in which they are working health & safety policy and Equality policy statement.

- Managers will maintain contact with Casual/Relief employees in relation to the availability of shifts and to ensure that shifts are allocated in a fair and equitable manner.

- Managers will calculate statutory entitlements (annual leave) and any appropriate enhancements to salary based on hours worked and in accordance with appropriate policies.

6.2. Employee:

· To adhere to the terms and conditions laid out in this policy and the contract of employment.

· Employees should ensure they work the requisite number of hours and undertake the required training in order to maintain their professional registration, where applicable, and or levels of competence. Failure to do so could result in the Company withholding any offer of work.

· Employees who are offered and accept work on a casual/relief basis should inform their line manager if they are unable to fulfil the requirements of the work offered.

· Employees should ensure that their professional registration or any professional qualifications are maintained, where it is a requirement of the post, including continuous professional development requirements.

· Whilst actively engaged in work for the Company the casual/relief employee will be expected to adhere to all policies of Riviera Surgery LLP and the NHS Trust they are working in.

6.3. Human Resources & Organisational Development

· Riviera Surgery LLP will provide guidance to managers and employees on the administration and application of this policy.

· Riviera Surgery LLP will administer casual/relief contracts and associated employment documentation.

· Riviera Surgery LLP will in conjunction with line managers monitor the hours worked by casual/relief employees to ensure compliance with the working time directive regulations.

· Riviera Surgery LLP will in conjunction with line managers, undertake the annual review of casual/relief contract usage to ensure they remain appropriate.

6.4 Collective Responsibilities

· There is no obligation on Riviera Surgery LLP to offer an assignment and no obligation on the employee if an assignment is offered to accept it.

· Employees who decline the offer of work will not be placed at a disadvantage or suffer any detriment in relation to any future periods of work.

· Employees will be given adequate notice if a period of work is cancelled. The minimum notice period should be no less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the assignment. If the assignment is cancelled within 24 hours by the Company then the employee will receive full payment for that assignment.

· Employees and Managers will ensure that individuals do not breach the Working Time Directive Regulations whilst working under casual/relief contract.

· Managers and employees must contact Riviera Surgery LLP if they have any concerns regarding the application of this policy.

7. Remuneration

7.1. Casual/Relief employees will receive an hourly rate for work undertaken within the appropriate pay grade for for their current grade, they can be paid via our PAYE scheme (National Insurance contribution paid by Rivera Surgery) or directly (e.g solotrader).

7.2. Casual/Relief employees will not receive incremental pay uplifts but will receive uplifts to their hourly rate based upon any nationally agreed uplifts to the salary point.

7.3 If your Private Service Company wishes to contract for us this can be arranged via contract negotiation.

8. Pension Scheme

8.1 Casual/Relief employees will not automatically be brought into the any Pension Scheme, the employee can however elect to join the a Scheme by request. If their earning threshold within company exceeds the statutory requirement to legally offer a pension scheme, a scheme will automatically be offered.

9. Annual Leave

9.1. Annual leave can be offered to the employee by calculation of their hourly rate and offered as a bonus.

10. Sickness entitlements

10.1. Casual/Relief employees will not be entitled to sickness/maternity/paternity pay.

10.2. In the event that a casual/relief employee is unable to complete a shift due to sickness they will be paid for any hours completed during the assignment.

11. Continuous employment

11.1. Any previous or simultaneous employment with the Company or a recognised employer will not count as continuous service for the purposes of the casual/relief assignment.

 12. Termination of Casual/Relief contracts

12.1. The contract between Riviera Surgery LLP and the individual may be revoked without notice by either party at any time whilst the employee is not engaged on an assignment.

12.2. Casual/Relief employees should notify the manager if they are no longer available for work.

12.3 Casual/Relief employees who fail to comply with the policies of the Company or who fail to fulfil the requirements of their job description may no longer be offered work.

12.4 Employees must comply with conflict of interest policy.

Staff Links to Policies and Reporting Forms- Staff access only

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