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Riviera Surgery LLP Governance


Patient Safety

Incident Reporting

Data Safety

Patient Feedback and Complaints

Risk Management

Conflict of Interest


Riviera Surgery LLP's governance and risk management policy is robust, we are committed to achieving excellence with clinical care and quality in education. We place great emphasis upon transparency, team working, learning and professionalism, which is encouraged across the board and developing high quality services that are effective for the needs of the NHS and surgical education. We are responsive to feedback and concerns, our polices of recruitment, patient feedback and operational activity are transparent and freely available.

Our integrated governance policy ensures:


  • Services are effective; we have a comprehensive audit framework, We have a regular morbidity and mortality meetings, there are clinical and non-clinical policies in place to support all functions of our business. The majority of our courses are validated by the Royal College of Surgeons.

  • Services are caring & responsive; We put patients first and we are empathetic in delivery of their care. We also closely monitor patient satisfaction through the processes defined in our policies and ensure that where there are any shortcomings these are put right. Our educational courses focus heavily of delegate feedback.

  • Services are Safe; We have a Clinical Governance Committee with representatives from all our service leads. We liasie with governance teams within NHS Trusts we work for. Our committee monitors and reviews overall performance in relation to the agreed key performance indicators, oversees management of risks and improvements initiatives. Our staffing and skill mix is constantly reviewed to ensure that we have appropriate teams in place.

  • Services are well led; Our Governance processes are clinically driven by clinically experienced individuals and all our services are Consultant led. Our Clinical Effectiveness Lead works closely with all our leads to ensure that we have appropriately skilled staff.

Continuous learning is an integral part of our culture to ensure quality of our service is maintained

Further enquires regarding governance -

Staff Links to Protocols and Reporting Forms- Staff access only

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