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So how does Riviera Surgery LLP insourcing service work?

We provide highly skilled, screened, clinical teams to work in your department either out of hours or at the weekends. Your Trust can also access our transparent process or recruitment and reserve the right to check our employees also. We will discuss and work closely with your Trust using the same processes and procedures you use.

We see new outpatients, follow up with patients who have previously had surgical procedures. Medical records are updated though your existing systems. We work to the same high standards of clinical care your regular staff deliver. We will discuss onward patient care arrangements and ensure a seamless patient experience.

The benefits of insourcing to Trust managers, RTT managers and clinical directors

Waiting times: By using your spare weekend capacity, we’re able to treat patients without impacting on your Trusts normal operational activity.

Cost-effective: You’re still able meet your budgets because our fees are a proportion of the revenue your hospital receives from the Clinical Commissioning Group for the clinical services provided. 

Safety: Your Trust retains overall control over service delivery and can monitor the safety and success of our services and can terminate at short notice if not satisfied.

High standardsRiviera Surgery LLP personnel are current NHS or private sector consultants, nurses and managers used to working in a busy environment. 

Tailored services: Our flexible, integrated RTT insourcing service is individually tailored to meet the needs of your department and Trust. So we can help you to clear a one-off waiting list backlog and reduce RTT waiting times, or work with you on a monthly basis to see those patients that are beyond your resource capacity.

Enhanced reputation: By providing timely treatment and reaching your RTT targets we are likely to improve the reputation and trust of the patients your NHS Trust serves.

A positive outcome for your patients

Long waiting times for appointments and treatments can have a significant impact on patients and their families. Through insourcing, NHS waiting times are reduced, patients are seen quicker, there’s a reduction in patient and family stress and patient satisfaction rises.

And because patient records do not need to be transferred and patients are seen in a familiar setting, they are more likely to keep their appointment and comply with treatment.

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