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Riviera Surgery is thankful to say that the COVID-19 crisis is begining to resolve and we would like to say thank you to the dedication of Riviera Surgery staff who work in the NHS and Private sector for the work they have contributed in dealing with this situation.  THANK YOU


Riviera Surgery LLP is keen to assist NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare Providers in the recovery phase of COVID-19. We have an extensive policy to compliment those of the organisations we are contracted to work for, to help protect patients and staff. All our workforce have been involved with COVID-19 during their NHS or Private sector work and are therefore very familiar with the processes that have been developed in terms of Personal Protective Equipment and patient flow.

Riviera Surgery can provide safe insourcing work for outpatients, endoscopy and surgical waiting lists. Riviera Surgery can offer video link/telephone consultation as part of the COVID-19 Recovery Phase.

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