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The Aim to support NHS Trusts in managing the problem of long waiting patients for surgery, endoscopy and outpatients by providing an autonomous clinical insourcing team employed by Riviera Surgery LLP and utilise facilities within an NHS Trust that otherwise remain at rest out of hours . Independently of this we offer private treatment for those patients who enjoy private health insurance or choice to those who wish to self pay. We wish to offer medical educational courses and surgical products to aid surgical training and development.

Our commitment to improving the NHS experience

Like the NHS Trusts we work with, patient care is at the centre of everything we do. By using any spare weekend capacity within a Trust, the Riviera Surgery LLP insourcing team are able to see and/or treat patients, in the familiar surrounding of their local NHS Trust. We will carefully discuss with any potential NHS Trust we work with, how and what conditions we provide care for and how those patients are going to be managed after our involvement.

Raising the standard of care

Our clinical teams are committed to working weekends to provide the clinical services described above. Timely patient care is not only to be expected but also works in favour of healthcare efficiency. This is where we feel we can make a real difference.

An ethical company

We are a profit making company, however we are  ethical and transparent with our financial conduct . We are committed to the NHS, and the delivery of high-quality care and surgical education and private healthcare. We wish to better reward all hard working staff working toward the common goal of excellent and efficient patient care.

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